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Based on the same principle as Feel Flux, Spin Flux delivers a unique tactile and visual experience. It's designed to deliver a smooth and relaxing sensation based on advanced physics. When you start to rotate the ball, the powerful magnet embedded inside the aluminum torus generates an electric current that counteracts the movement and tries to slow down the rotation. However, this effect only occurs when the ball is rotated in a way that alters its magnetic field. When you rotate the ball around its magnetic axis, the field remains intact and you feel no interaction, the ball spins freely.

Turn the included wooden cradle upside down and use Spin Flux as a long-lasting spin top. There are endless ways to interact with this well-designed object that will definitely deserve a place on your desk, always ready to play. Just grab Spin Flux whenever you need something that keeps your fingers busy so your mind can focus on the more important stuff.
Like finishing your Ph.D. Or watching TV.

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Drake C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

One of my new favorite things

When my wife gifted me this trinket I was immediately drawn to its unusual shape, texture, weight, and colors. What wasn't apparent was it's use - the function of the product was completely lost on me. To be honest it looked more like a mini-sculpture than anything. The packaging was top notch, very well presented. The wooden base is well done. Handling it, I assumed that the Spin Flux was itself a sort of very heavy "fidget spinner", and tried to use it as such. When it utterly failed to spin I was a bit disappointed and confused, but I kept trying and soon I understood its purpose. My Spin Flux needed a bit of breaking in, but after a few minutes of spinning the permanent magnet the assembly loosened up and I was able to feel the oppositional forces due to the induced currents. This was two weeks ago and it has hardly left my hand since. I'm ordering a second one so I don't have to keep transferring the one I have from my office to home and back again. What makes the Spin Flux so appealing? Who's to say - mostly I just like the weight, texture, and motion. The easy spin in one direction followed by resistance when rotation changes 90 degrees is one of those incredible features of this reality. The trick to the Spin Flux is to understand that you're using a toy to tinker with the fundamental forces of nature, and that's not far off from conjuring bit of benign magic if you ask me. 5 out of 5 stars.


Feel Flux

Dear Drake! Thank you so much for this thoughtful review! We are glad that you discovered the true essence of this curious product. Enjoy and use it in good health! Cheers, Tom

Micha K.
Germany Germany

It feels good

I thought it would be a fidget spinner. But it’s something completely different. I like it cause it feels great to have it in my hands and play with it


Always in hand - and the best customer service!

I bought the Spin Flux last month and I haven't put it down since. It did take a bit of getting used to because I expected more of a traditional fidget spinner and that isn't really what Spin Flux is... it's actually hard to say exactly what Spin Flux is... all I know is that the movement, the magnet, and the overall feel are incredible and it occupies my hands when on calls. The quality is incredible too. But far better than that, Feel Flux is just a great company. When I had a challenge with shipping, Tom reached out to me and offered great help. I'm super impressed with the company as a whole and look forward to my next purchase!


By far the best desktop fidget I own! Super high quality!

I had been watching this product for a long time before taking the plunge and purchasing it. It's obviously a bit more expensive than your generic fidget gadget and although you can find some good videos of it online, I still wasn't 100% sure exactly how the product would feel and react. I'll cut to the chase and say that I love this product so much! It's a good, weighty chunk of metal, and the tactile feel of the ring in your hand is so pleasant - I chose the anodized black which has a matte finish. This isn't a "spinner" product by any means. You'd be hard-pressed to get it to spin for any real length of time. The real magic in this product is the magnetic ball in the centre. Holding the ring in the palm of your hand, you can roll the ball within the centre of the ring, and depending on the orientation of the ball, you get different levels of resistance. It's so much fun spinning this ball absent-mindedly and just feeling the different ways it reacts - sometimes it'll spin really easily, sometimes it takes a good bit of effort. You can hold the ball between your thumb and finger and spin the ring around at different resistances too. Again it won't spin indefinitely, but it's just fun playing with the resistances. There's a reason I couldn't get a good idea of how the product functions until I heard it. It's like nothing else I know. I highly recommend this if you like fidget toys, magnets, or both! Side note - the customer service chat is excellent!